Our Story

We believe in building a better community -- that's why we're here.

Our organic coffees, hand-made gelato, loose leaf teas, and healthy food options all come secondary. The reason we exist is to bring people together, show hospitality, and create bonds of friendship in our communities. We do this by showcasing local art, providing a workspace for our community members, hosting open mic nights, and giving away free gelato to the public once a year in exchange for a donation to charity.

We are not licensed, and plan on keeping it that way. We are proud to be a late-night family destination that is safe for our children.

From seed to your cup

The Pursuit of Perfection

We believe in ethically sourced, organic fair-trade coffee.
Where are products come from really matters. We work with specific farmers for both our coffee and loose leaf tea, and have travelled around the world to meet our farmers personally. 

We don't believe in pre-ground coffee, which is why you'll find our bags as whole beans -- roasted the morning they're packed. We will grind it for you in-store though, before you take the bag home with you, in case you don't have a grinder; and most retail locations that sell our coffee will have a grinder in-store when you buy a bag of Humani-T beans.
organic coffee
We have five roasts of organic fair-trade coffee, sourced from Central America, South America, and Ethiopia.
hand-made gelato
We control every ingredient that goes into our hand-made gelato, and place special emphasis on creating vegan flavour options made with coconut milk, almond milk, soy milk, and even water.

Learn more about our gelato here
loose leaf teas
We source our loose leaf teas from Argentina (Yerba Mate), South Africa (Rooibos), Japan (Matcha), and Sri Lanka (Black tea), among various other places around the world.

We also make the meanest chai latte you've ever had, and grind the spices ourselves.

As of now, we don't ship our teas online, but, if you come into our stores, we promise you won't be disappointed.
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