what's the fuss about?
We are crazy-passionate about making gelato. I mean, who wouldn't be, really, in an ideal world? We spend all day creating unique flavours, taste-test them like our life depended on it, and end up churning out buckets (and buckets and buckets and buckets) of gelato daily.

But here's why it's so fun for us: We make our gelato from scratch. We get to control the quality of the ingredients that goes in each hand-made batch, and we get to create a whole slew of vegan flavours made with coconut milk, almond milk, soy milk, and even water. As you've seen in the above video, our pistachio gelato isn't neon green. Instead, it has a more natural hew because we use our own roasted pistachios.

We hope to see you in for some gelato soon. We also encourage you to have fun with it. Order an affogatto (our Espresso 1749 blend poured over a scoop of your choice), or ask us to build you a custom gelato sandwich with the cookie of your choice!

But before you come in to our cafes, there's something you need to know about us..... 
mini egg gelato is a big deal at humani-t
We can't explain why the Humani-T Mini Egg craze is such a huge thing, or why people line-up out the door for a scoop of Mini Egg gelato, but... Oh, wait, yes we do -- it's freaking delicious.

We take our Mini Egg season very seriously at Humani-T. It starts mid-February, and extends until May. It's crazy fun. We go the extreme, and sling out different variations of Mini Egg gelato (strawberry, cappuccino, peanut butter, mint), and even go out of our way to serve you Mini Egg lattes and Mini Egg cheesecake.
free gelato for charity day
Once a year, around mid-April, we give out free gelato to the public in exchange for a donation to the charity or cause we're raising money for. In year's past, we've raised money for the IWK Children's Hospital, FEED Nova Scotia, CNIB, and the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation.

It's a super fun day, with line-ups down the block! Stay tuned for details on this year's event.