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5 Uses for Orange Blossom Water

5 Uses for Orange Blossom Water 

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1. Delightful Bath

Mix 2-3 Cups of warm milk, 3 Tablespoons honey and 1/4 Cup orange blossom water. Add to your bath water.

Your skin will look and feel like satin. You’ll smell delicious too!

2. Mood Lifting Room Deodorizer

Pour a few drops into a bowl of boiling water and leave it in your bedroom. As the water evaporates, the delicate orange flower perfume will fill the space.

3. Joyful Body Spray

Fill a small mist bottle with orange blossom water and a few drops of a citrus essential oil for a cooling body spray or refreshing toner.

4. Secret Culinary Recipe Enhancer

Use in recipes such as Puddings, Ice cream, Salad dressings, fruit salads, breads, pastries, pancakes and so much more to add an orange-flower tone.

Add to any dish in which you would use honey, even a honey marinade for meat (a few drops would be enough). Or mix honey and orange blossom water till you have a creamy emulsion and spread it over a piece of toast.

5. Refreshing Beverage Ingredient

Add 1/4-1/2 teaspoon of orange blossom to a glass of cold water and you have one of the best refreshments.

Also, any citrus will love a hint of orange blossom, especially lemons and oranges. Mix a 1/4 teaspoon of orange blossom water into a glass of orange juice for a refreshing drink.

Enhance your iced tea with a few few drops of Orange-Blossom water.

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