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Cacao for Shiny Hair & Elevated Mood?

I asked for ‘cocoa’ and they gave me coconut in Ecuador, so now I make sure to pronounce it ‘Cacao’.  When you’re looking for something that is chocolaty delicious, and helps you fight depression, heart disease, fatigue, brittle bone disease or memory loss; make sure to include Cacao in your menu!

Some benefits of Raw Organic Cacao include:

  • Antioxidants: 40 Times more than blueberries
  • Iron: Highest plant-based source
  • Magnesium: promotes heart and brain health
  • Calcium: more than cow’s milk
  • Mood Elevator: all-natural
  • Blood Thinner: helps prevent clots
  • Energizer
  • Sulfur: Third most abundant mineral in the body responsible for healthy hair, strong nails, enzyme production, hormone health and more
  • Cognitive Function: may reduce the likelihood of  Alzheimer’s
  • Healthy Fats

CACAO is a True Gift of Nature!  No wonder it’s called ‘Food of the Gods’ – Theobroma (Theo, meaning God; and broma, meaning food)