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Mini Egg Season

It’s our favourite time of year! If you don’t already know, Mini Egg Season is a huge deal at Humani-T Cafe. From now until mid-April you’ll be able to try all of our wonderful Mini Egg creations:

Mini Egg Gelato



This year we are featuring FOUR Mini Egg Gelato flavours!

Peanut Butter, Mint, Latte and Original Mini Egg. All of these gelato flavours are have layers and layers of crushed mini eggs.

Mini Egg Affogato



This one is a MUST TRY! Choose your favourite of our Mini Egg gelato flavours, we’ll scoop some into a mug and then magic happens. We pour a shot of espresso over the gelato! The result is a wonderfully creamy and sweet caffeinated drink, and you can eat the rest with a spoon!



Mini Egg Latte



A classic at Humani-T. A sweetly flavoured latte topped with whipped cream and crushed Mini Eggs!