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Get an extra boost of caffeine in your coffee

If you like both coffee and tea equally, how do you choose which one to drink? Is coffee something you choose in the morning, and tea for the rest of the day? While tea has a lot of caffeine, it’s still doesn’t have as much as coffee has. This is the ultimate coffee-meets-tea recipe, containing both tea and coffee for a double energy boost. What you need is a syrup made of black tea, steamed milk, finely ground black coffee and lots of fluffy foam.


Monday coffee idea for tea lovers


Back flavored tea syrup

Chose the black tea you enjoy the most. Use two teaspoons of loose leaf black tea, steep it for five minutes in 130 ml of boiling water. Pour the tea in a pan and add four big spoons of honey. Simmer on low fire until dissolved. Cool down the syrup a bit. You can store it in a fridge for later use.

Black coffee

Prepare black coffee but do not add any sugar into it. The syrup already contains a lot of sweetness. Finely grind your coffee beans. Use 100-200 ml of water, bring it to a boil and remove from the fire. Then, add one-to-three heaping teaspoons of ground coffee, place the pot over fire again, then remove it when the coffee starts boiling. Repeat the procedure three times, until all the coffee foam is gone. Let it settle down a bit.

Monday coffee idea for tea lovers

Steamed milk

Use a hand shaker (like a protein or cocktail shaker), add 150 ml of milk and shake well. Then pour it into a big cup and microwave for about 45 seconds.

Pour about five mm of syrup into the cup. Pour about five cm of hot milk, but leave the foam for later. Pour the same amount of black coffee and add a cm of foam on the top. Depending on the tea type you used, sprinkle with cocoa or cinnamon.

Hate milk? Lactose intolerant??

No problem. Just remove any milk from this recipe and enjoy this double boost black coffee injection mixed with tea.