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Moringa – The Ultimate Super Food

Moringa – The Ultimate Super Food


 Moringa is referred to as “the miracle tree”  in its native regions of India, Africa and Asia for its potent nutrient content. Moringa has been used for years to combat malnutrition and support a healthy lifestyle.

Moringa is extremely high in fiber, calcium, iron,potassium and vitamins C,A and E. It also includes a variety of phytonutrients and amino acids.

Benefits of including Moringa in your diet:

-Balances blood sugar

– Reduces inflammation

– Reduces blood pressure

– Lowers cholesterol levels

– Increases libido

– Improves memory

– Protects the body against free radical damage

 -Supports the immune system

Moringa powder being a  highly bio-available fiber source and  a complete plant based protein,containing all the essential amino acids makes  it the perfect superfood to complement to an active lifestyle.
Check out the following low calorie post-workout restore recipe:
1 Tbsp. of Neekoo Moringa Powder (availabe at Super Natural Health Products)
1 Cup of unsweetened almond milk
2-3 Ice cubes
– Combine  the  Moringa,  almond milk and ice into a shaker cup.
– Shake thoroughly until combined
– Enjoy!