Banana Date Crunchy Granola, 350g. Made in-house

$6.99 $5.99

Our own In-House granola mix of organic quick cooking oats, banana, organic fine coconut, organic agave syrup, organic sunflower seeds,  organic pumpkin seeds, dates, pecans & walnuts, honey, cinnamon, sea salt, vanilla extract. This blend does not include the addition of salt or refined sugar.

Wheat Free – No added sugar.

May have come in contact nuts, grains, & dairy

– Product of Canada
– Certified kosher
– Low-calorie
– Cholesterol-free
– Excellent source of fiber, protein, and iron
– Good source of complex carbohydrates
– Amaranth is a complete protein containing lysine
– Sunflower seeds are a source of selenium and vitamin E antioxidants
– Pumpkin seeds and flax seeds are a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids

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