Decaf Earl Grey


Decaf Earl Grey Black Tea at Humani-T Cafe Halifax NS

You can love decaf tea without sacrificing great taste. Our decaf teas are processed without chemicals using the Canadian Chemical Free CO2 process. The tea is flushed with CO2 to gently remove caffeine.

All flavoured black teas are blended with premium leaf 100% exclusive High Grown Ceylon teas from estates about 5500 ft level. Our Teas are flavoured with pure flavouring oils with no chemical residue or aftertaste. Our teas are sourced from premium Ethical Production certified estates and our chemical free process means they taste great and are good for the Earth at the same time!

50g. – $4.50
100g. + Free Canister $9.00
250g. + Free Canister $22.50
500g. + Free Canister $39.50