China Pearls


Panda Pearls White Tea at Humani-T Cafe Halifax NS

Tiny hand rolled tea buds unfurl to release their mild springtime tea flavour. The shape is made to resemble Panda bear tears which are a symbol of good luck.

White teas are considered by some to be the purest in the world. Spring buds are plucked, dried and sorted – no pan frying or steaming, no fermentation, just pure tea. Traditionally these are grown on small freehold plots – some growers produce only a few hundred pounds per year. Our trusted relationships with finished leaf manufacturers ensure that we’re able to secure quantities of even the rarest whites, often before they reach auction, helping to keep profits in growers’ pockets. Note: White tea has a very high polyphenol count.

50g. – $46.25
100g. + Free Canister – $92.50
250g. + Free Canister – $231.25
500g. + Free Canister – $416.25

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