Peppermint *Organic


Peppermint Herbal Tea at Humani-T Cafe Halifax NS

A Humani-T favourite. An unforgettable pungent 2nd cut (the best cut) peppermint. Many purported health benefits are linked to the mint family.

For centuries, herbs have been consumed for medicinal purposes in every corner of the globe. Subsequently, folk remedies for the treatment of a multitude of ailments abound the world over. Some of these folk remedies may be safe, others may not be. We advise that if any of our dried herbs are to be used for medicinal purposes, a certified health professional be consulted in advance. Taken in moderation, all of our herbals can be enjoyed at any time. Here’s to your health!

50g. – $6.00
100g. + Free Canister $12.00
250g. + Free Canister $30.00
500g. + Free Canister $54.00