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Vegan Yogurt Starter


Yogurt Starter Vegan. Great with Soymilk!

NON-DAIRY yogurt starter
Use with soy beverage or other plant-based beverages : coconut milk, almonds or cashew (homemade) or vegetable-based.
Making non-dairy homemade yogurt? It’s now possible and so simple! With our freeze-dried yogurt starter, the result is always smooth ans creamy. Do good to your health with 80 billion live and active bacteria per 100 g serving! Once made, homemade yogurt keeps for 2 to 3 weeks in the refrigerator. Non-dairy homemade yogurt will make everyone happy!

Maltodextrin, active bacterial culture (L.bulgaricus, S.thermophilus).

This product is manufactured in a facility that manipulates products containing soy and milk.