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Open City, May 11th, $5 Takeout at both Humani-T locations

On May 11th, we’re celebrating Open City alongside I Love Local HFX.

Both Humani-T Cafe locations will be serving $5 takeout options. So come for lunch, and get dessert while you’re here!

Options (both $5):

Option #1: Vegan Chili + Ciabatta Bun
Option #2: Gelato + Chocolate Chip Cookie from our Bakery

Join our Facebook event page by clicking here.

More information about this event, from the I Love Local Halifax website:

For Open City we want you to try new things, to get out of your house – and maybe your comfort zone, and explore new tastes, new experiences, new culture, and meet new people.

How much more vibrant would our city be if just some of those take out meals were enjoyed actually in the restaurants, or in our parks, on our waterfront – instead of sitting in your house tweeting about it.

How much more vibrant would our city be if we didn’t go home at 9:00 – if we stayed out, walking the streets of your neighbourhood, listening to a jazz trio busking in Victoria Park.

How much more exciting would your kids find the trip to the Saturday market if afterwards they went for a picnic to Point Pleasant Park, or even McNab’s Island for the day.

How much richer would your life be if rather than reading a blog about art, you actually went to our galleries, makerspaces, or universities and experienced it in real-time.

So, it’s up to us to entertain you on May 11, but it’s up to you to come out and take part in as much as you can possibly squeeze into a day.

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