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Mother’s Day Shortbreads @ Humani-T

Mother’s Day is this Sunday, May 12th! Don’t forget!

We are now taking pre-orders for our Mother’s Day Shortbread cookies. Details:

– 7″ Shortbread, cut in a heart shape and dipped in dark chocolate. Boxed into a gold-colour cake box with a window in the front.
– Standard decoration and message is in the picture. We can customize with 72 hours notice and consultation with our pastry chef: 902 454 5454
– $20, and 72 hours notice required per order. They will also be on display at both locations starting this Thursday, May 9th, and through until Sunday. But they are while quantities last, and we’ll be busy with Open City this weekend, so we suggest pre-ordering just in case.

Join our event page here

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Open City, May 11th, $5 Takeout at both Humani-T locations

On May 11th, we’re celebrating Open City alongside I Love Local HFX.

Both Humani-T Cafe locations will be serving $5 takeout options. So come for lunch, and get dessert while you’re here!

Options (both $5):

Option #1: Vegan Chili + Ciabatta Bun
Option #2: Gelato + Chocolate Chip Cookie from our Bakery

Join our Facebook event page by clicking here.

More information about this event, from the I Love Local Halifax website:

For Open City we want you to try new things, to get out of your house – and maybe your comfort zone, and explore new tastes, new experiences, new culture, and meet new people.

How much more vibrant would our city be if just some of those take out meals were enjoyed actually in the restaurants, or in our parks, on our waterfront – instead of sitting in your house tweeting about it.

How much more vibrant would our city be if we didn’t go home at 9:00 – if we stayed out, walking the streets of your neighbourhood, listening to a jazz trio busking in Victoria Park.

How much more exciting would your kids find the trip to the Saturday market if afterwards they went for a picnic to Point Pleasant Park, or even McNab’s Island for the day.

How much richer would your life be if rather than reading a blog about art, you actually went to our galleries, makerspaces, or universities and experienced it in real-time.

So, it’s up to us to entertain you on May 11, but it’s up to you to come out and take part in as much as you can possibly squeeze into a day.

Back Door Takeout – Artist For A Day – Museum Deals – Shopping Deals – Entertainment

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Upcoming Baha’i Holy Days and Closures at Humani-T North End

As you may know, the Baha’i Faith is an important part of Humani-T history — as the founders of this company are Baha’is, and the North End location is owned by Baha’is.

There are nine days in the Baha’i calendar which Baha’is around the world observe where work is suspended. These days are as follows (please take note that there are a few coming up in late April and May):

pril 21: First Day of Ridván (meaning “Paradise” in Arabic) — the most important of the Bahá’í holy days. It is the day on which Bahá’u’lláh declared His mission as a Messenger of God.

April 29: Ninth Day of Ridván, the day on which Bahá’u’lláh’s family joined Him in the Garden of Ridván.

May 2: Twelfth Day of Ridván the day on which Bahá’u’lláh and His family left the garden to travel to Constantinople.

May 24: Declaration of the Báb the anniversary of the Báb’s announcement of His mission in 1844.

May 29: Ascension of Bahá’u’lláh marking the passing of Bahá’u’lláh in 1892

July 10: Martyrdom of the Báb Who was executed in 1850

October 29: Birth of the Báb

October 30: Birth of Bahá’u’lláh

For more information about the Baha’i Faith:

International Baha’i Community:
Baha’is of Canada:
Baha’i community of Halifax:

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Humani-T Art Reception on April 27th

On April 27th, from 1 – 3 pm, Humani-T Cafe’s Young Street location will host an art reception in its gallery upstairs. Please join us in meeting local artists, enjoying live music, and consuming delicious beverages.

Please join our event page here:

Local artists:

Christine Johnson ,MacInnes Barb Wornell, Liz Cole, Theresa Filtrate, Lise Pitre, Mirella Furlan, Penny Cameron, Alexandra Merkx-Jacques , Regan Zatelny, Jan Claes, Sandra Preeper, Edna Cherry, Valentina Kenny, Lyn Cleveland, Stacy , Ava Sampson, Katie Mann, Jean Macquarrie, Marilyn Mitchell Evans, Nana Shteinberg,Eman Rifaat Shirazi,
Debbie Mosher, Grace Luke, Athar Quershi.

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Generosi-TEA program: New partnership with QEII Foundation

We are so thrilled to announce a new partnership between Humani-T and the QEII Foundation. Now when you donate to the QEII Health Sciences Center Foundation; the QEII will send tea to your loved ones from Humani-T!

From the QEII website:



Created in partnership with our neighbours at Humani-T Café, Generosi-TEA was inspired by the generosity of our community. Every day, donors contribute to life-changing care for Atlantic Canadians who visit the QEII Health Sciences Centre.

Your gift will help fund Comfort and Care grants at the QEII. These grants impact the health care journey by providing items such as: blanket warmers, therapy lamps and environmental control units for patients like Sarah.

With your heartfelt gift, we’ll send a cup of tea to your loved one. Share the warmth with the people you love. Be a champion for the patients and families who need it most – those receiving care at the QEII.


To donate or learn more, click here.

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International Women’s Day, and the heart stirring story of Tahirih

“The world of humanity has two wings—one is women and the other men,” wrote ‘Abdu’l-Bahá, “Not until both wings are equally developed can the bird fly. Should one wing remain weak, flight is impossible.”

On March 4th and 5th, Humani-T Cafe celebrated the days leading up to International Women’s Day with art. Mahnaz Sobhani, manager of the Humani-T Art Gallery, with the help of 20 other female artists, put together a display of beautiful artwork at both locations. A reception was held at both cafes, and women from various backgrounds shared their art, poetry, dance, and live music.

On both days, the story of Tahirih — an influential female poet and theologian in 19th century Iran — was read. Tahirih’s significance to International Women’s Day lies in the impact she made in Iran during a time when most women were kept illiterate and hidden from the public sphere — she was an exemplar of women’s strength.

From the Tahirih Justice Center website:

Tahirih is remembered for her renowned skill as a poet, her theological insights, her leadership as one of the earliest Bahá’ís, and her ability to organize and inspire women to reject their oppressed status. In a particularly dramatic display of her leadership, Tahirih appeared unveiled before an assemblage of men and gave an eloquent speech about the need to reject old patterns of society. The act was so shocking to the audience that one man stood up and slit his own throat at the sight of her face.*

In 1852, at the age of 38, Tahirih was executed for her beliefs and activities. Her last recorded words were:


“You can kill me as soon as you like, but you will never stop the emancipation of women.”


The story or Tahirih is one we can keep in our hearts as we celebrate International Women’s Day — a day in which we mark the progress of humanity as it aims to attain the heights of equality.