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Homemade fluffy lattes

Somewhere in between coffee and tea, latte is a true delight for anyone searching for a dose of energy with a fluffy milky texture. Some people cannot live without milk, and some cannot live without tea. If you belong to both categories, you might want to explore the interesting and huge world of lattes. A lot of teas can be made as a latte – black, matcha, oolong, rooibos, even some herbal ones as well. If you are new to the skill of turning your tea into a delicious slow relaxation drink, start with three suggested types.

Homemade fluffy lattes matcha

Matcha latte

Matcha latte is the simplest of all recipes for enjoying matcha every day. It’s perfect as a coffee substitute, it will give you a bit of energy and a dose of antioxidants all mixed up with rice, soy or cow milk.


1-2 grams of matcha tea powder
200 ml of milk (rice, soy or cow)
50 ml of hot water cooled down to 80 degrees Celsius
Honey, maple or caramel syrup
Croquant flakes


You will need one bowl suitable for making matcha, matcha whisk, pan, milk frother, sifter and your favorite latte tea cup. Bring water to boil and let it cool down to 80 degrees Celsius. Sift matcha powder in the same way you would do for preparing it the regular way. Heat milk over fire without letting it boil and use whisk to make froth. Pour brewed matcha into a tea cup and pour hot milk over it. Add honey or maple syrup and mix well. You can add croquant flakes and sprinkle a bit of matcha powder on the top. Enjoy while hot.


Flavored black tea latte

Almost any black tea can be used for making latte. We do recommend using black teas with strong flavor, broken leaves. You can adjust the quantity to suit your taste. More flavor will be extracted from broken smaller leaves.


200 ml of milk (rice, soy or cow)
100 ml of water
5 grams of loose leaf tea
Honey, maple or caramel syrup

Our suggestions are Canadian Maple Leaf, Chocolate OrangePumpkin Spice or regular Earl Grey. You will also be needing a milk frother, pan and a sifter to sift the leaves from milk. Put milk and water into a pan over low to medium fire. Do not let it boil. Add tea leaves and let it simmer for 3-5 minutes. Again, do not let it boil. Use frother to make your latte fluffy and light. Remove from fire and let it cool down for a minute or two, then use the strainer while pouring into a cup. Add honey, maple syrup or caramel. If you are using regular unflavored black tea, you can easily add a flavor – vanilla, rum, almond…


Spiced up Chai

Homemade fluffy lattes chai

Chai is one of those legendary Indian teas that are impossible not to be liked. Very sweet, very aromatic, and very delicious. If your Chai tasting experience never got further from instant tea bags, it’s time you get that pan on fire. The best Chai will require a bit of time, not only pouring your tea leaves with hot water and adding milk. You can use pre-made blends or mix your own.


10 grams of lack tea leaves (we recommend Nuwara Eliya black tea)
Around 10 cardamom seeds
Few black peppercorns
Few anise seed1 Cinnamon stick (Ceylon type)
500 ml of milk
800 ml of water
4-6 tablespoons of sugar (or maple syrup)

Crush the spices a bit to allowed them to release more flavor. You do not need to torture them, slightly crushing will be enough. You can play with spices and add or remove those that you like or don’t like. Nutmeg, cloves, ginger, all taste great in Chai. Put water and spices in a pan and bring it to boil. Lower the heat and let it simmer for 15 minutes. Add tea leaves and let it simmer on a very low fire for around 2 minutes, then add milk and sugar and let it simmer for additional 5 minutes while stirring. Use strainer when pouring Chai into tea cups.


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Chronic Pain Goes Away with Matcha

If you suffer from pain or know someone who does, then you should read on.

Dear Nemat:
I am always suspicious of supplements due to the fact they are not regulated. I always wonder if I`m truly getting what is proclaimed by the manufacturer.
I discovered your products through a friend of mine. He swears by your Matcha tea and claims to be in such great shape due to it`s benefits. Following in his footsteps, I purchased the Matcha tea and I too noticed a huge i
mprovement in my being.

It is important to note that I have not worked out regularly for over 10 years due to serious back and neck injuries suffered in a car accident . I have never smoked, I rarely consume alcohol however, I do smoke the odd joint. Even though I am not overweight and watch what I eat, I am not in the best shape as I was before my accident.
After about three days of taking Matcha daily in the morning, I noticed that for the first time in eight years I had NO MORE daily joint and bone pain. I am finally getting back on track and excited to begin an exercise routine and start running again. Now that`s progress!!
I`ve tried all sorts of other prescription remedies that did absolutely nothing to ease my pain and keep it away, which is why I thought I had to live with the pain every day (my alternative was back surgery). Since I started to take Matcha for overall wellness, it was a totally unexpected surprise to realize that Matcha was responsible for taking my joint and bone pain away.
For those non-believers…there were no other changes to my daily regimen. The pain returned about a week after I ran out of the tea and then went away again after I started taking it regularly again.
Things just keep getting better…
I then ordered the Iso-Pro Whey, the Spirulina, and the Omega Complete. I`ve been taking these supplements daily for the past three weeks (as per the suggested smoothie recipe). I have NOT begun to exercise (hey, after ten years of living with pain – one gets a little apprehensive to jump into a dramatic lifestyle change overnight) but yet I have noticed a huge improvement in the way my body feels and looks already – I am leaner, my skin has improved dramatically, and I have more energy throughout the day. People look at me and ask me what I am doing because I look much healthier lately. I even seem to have a more restful sleep.
I have not done anything else to change my lifestyle except to add these. I can no longer see my life without them.
And all these benefits without exercise in just two months. WOW! I look forward to further enhanced benefits when I start training again.
I cannot thank you enough for these wonderful health products. Because of them, I have returned to living rather than missing my life.
I want people to know that I believed in myself enough to make the investment and to take the first steps to try these products. It turns out I did something truly incredible!
Sincerely, James P. Etobicoke, ON”

I got this email from our customer James in Ontario. It was not solicited nor will he be compensated in any way for his comments.

Matcha is a green tea powder that is extremely rich in nutrients connected with immune support, weight loss, increased energy, heart health and the balancing of our PH levels. Most of us are slightly more acidic than is healthy. Inflammation and auto-immune diseases like cancer, thrive in an acidic body and go away when you reduce body acidity. The Omega Complete oil mentioned above is a rich source of essential fats which also has an anti-inflammatory effect, thereby reducing pain. GreenMatcha