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The ultimate spring renewal with tea

With spring knocking at the door, it’s time for the ultimate spring renewal with tea. Start cleaning your body – from the inside and outside. Tea has been around for thousands of years. First considered a medicine, then food, later as the drink of social importance that cherishes simplicity and beauty of life, tea is the most important beverage in the world. While Eastern countries know the importance and benefits of loose leaf teas, western people are still at the beginning of this amazing journey. Fast forward your journey with simple ways to include tea in your everyday life and start your spring renewal with green tea today.

Our tea journey guide will show you how to feel great both physically and mentally, by incorporating tea into your daily rituals.

Ultimate Spring Renewal with Tea
Tea and health from the inside

Green tea is great for health, but some green teas are better than the others. Not all green teas have the same amount of EGCG, the most important antioxidant that makes green tea so healthy and desirable. EGCG is contained in tea leaf and is released at high temperatures. This is why matcha is considered healthier than many other green teas – it has at least double the amount of ECGC in a brewed cup than other green teas – because you are consuming the whole leaf. Next choice would be sencha. If you are into macrobiotics, kukicha is the best tea for spring renewal. With almost zero caffeine and the ability to alkalize the body, kukicha is the perfect choice for any time of the day.

Tea and beauty from the outside

Ultimate Spring Renewal with Tea
Powdered green tea like matcha is perfect for making facial masks. It will help reduce dullness and dark circles under the eyes, clear your complexion and bright up the skin. Home-made matcha mask is a perfect natural skin care before the first intense rays of sun hit your face.  Bath sachets made of sencha green tea are so easy to make that you will want to soak in tea all the time. What matcha will do in a facial mask, sencha in the bath will do for your whole body. Green tea has antibacterial properties, invigorates the skin and makes you more relaxed. And it smells heavenly fresh and green.

Tea and inner peace

After the complete skin care routine, you will already feel very relaxed. Now that you have taken care of your health, you are in a perfect state of mind to completely enjoy a cup of tea. Jasmine Dragon is an excellent choice. Delicate jasmine scent mixed with tea leaves to create a perfect visual and tasting experience will help you relax even more. Even in the old China people needed to be in a calm, peaceful, simple state of mind to be able to enjoy tea completely. Create a habit of having your own evening tea ritual. Try to keep it for at least a month. Make tea drinking experience all about peacefulness, serenity, enjoyment and relaxation. Dedicate time to yourself and your tea.

Tea and social gatherings

When tea is enjoyed by one person it can bring serenity and wisdom, but when it is shared by two or three people, it brings enjoyment and bonding. Even the notes in historical writings said that more than three is too much. Invite a friend or two and throw them an inspiring tea party. Kyoto Cherry would be a perfect choice for an early spring outside tea party under the cherry tree. Your own little hanami (cherry blossom watching) can include home-made pastries and drinking tea from delicate tea ware. Is there a better way to welcome spring?

Try all these steps for the ultimate spring renewal with tea and tell us how you feel. 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