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Why moths don’t like lavender

Have you ever asked yourself why moths don’t like lavender? The answer to this question is very simple – because they would fall asleep easily and would not be able to eat expensive coats and shirts anymore. This is exactly why you will absolutely love it. While lavender is mostly used as a moth distracting weapon, it deserves to be a part of life of any herbal and natural lifestyle lover. Lavender is such a pleasure to drink that you will want to fall asleep only to drink it more the next day. Not only it tastes wonderful, it has soothing and relaxing properties that will be more than beneficial after a long day. There are numerous ways to use dried lavender flowers and to fully enjoy all it can offer.

Why moths don't like lavender

Use it in desserts

You can add dried lavender flowers to many different cookies and pastries. Although lavender still has a long way to go until fully respected as a culinary treat, you can start right now. Lavender can be added to cakes, creams, puddings, and all sorts of sweet desserts. We recommend making regular tea cookies and serving them with a cup of lavender tea after a stressful day.

Why moths don't like lavender

Make your own blend

You can easily make your own blend of lavender tea and enjoy benefits and flavors of two teas at the same time. Last week we introduced the king of teas – pu’erh. Add a new dimension to Berry Berry Pu’erh with Nova Scotia Berries by mixing in few lavender flowers before brewing. Stronger and darker loose leaf black teas are a perfect choice for blending with lavender. Earl Grey is another tea that tastes amazing with few lavender flowers. Do not add an excessive amounts of lavender, just a few flowers will be enough.

Drink it as tea

Lavender tea is a great choice before. With no caffeine and with soothing and relaxing properties this tea can easily become your addiction. Use freshly boiled water and steep for 5 minutes if you want to enjoy the taste and 10 minutes is you want to maximize the health benefits. 1 teaspoon of dried lavender flowers is enough for 200 ml of water. You can add sugar, honey and even milk. Don’t let the tea cool down as the flavor will change significantly.

Why moths don't like lavender

Make your own relaxation sachets

You can use lavender to make relaxation sachets. Place them under the pillow or make a lavender bath. Lavender is a great remedy for relieving headache and helping you fall asleep. You can use tea paper filters or light cloth sachets and fill them with dried flowers.
Make your own natural hair rinse
Lavender hair rinse is great for hair, smells heavenly and is really easy to make at home. All you need is 1 liter of freshly boiled water, 3 spoons of dried lavender, 3 spoons of apple vinegar and few drops of lavender essential oil. Pour freshly boiled water over lavender flowers and let it cool down for a couple of hours. Add vinegar and essential oil. Use it to rinse hair after shampooing.

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